Tsunamed was launched in January of 2010 following a successful business expansion project and utilizing our manufacturing partners with over 15 years of production and development expertise in Germany. Tsunamed provides end-to-end solutions.

QualiMed was founded in 1997 as an OEM and private label manufacturer for implantable medical devices and is based in Winsen, Germany. Our primary focus is to create an alliance of global distribution partners and their associated physicians, to develop new technology with existing products for the patients they treat. By aligning ourselves with world key opinion leading medical practitioners in Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular and Non Vascular Specialties, we aspire to create medical devices “Created by Physicians for Physicians.”

Development Methodology

The company has created a 12 Step process to take products from Ideation through to manufacturing and commercialization. The approach lets the companies team assess new ideas, market conditions, competitive landscapes, and current technology including IP in an effort to determine the viability of various technologies and partners it would choose to bring products through the commercialization and sustaining engineering life cycle.

Our 12 Step Development Guarantee
PHASE 1 Ideation